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[Warning] This song really brings good luck to you, so if you are not looking for good luck or happiness, please do not listen to it.

Angel’s Piano Pieces

This album, created at the frequency of 432Hz for love and harmony, will fill your soul with love and peace, guiding you to new dimensions.

“The Angel’s Piano Series” is comprised of beautiful compositions where healing artist Koutaro Hattori has woven the energy and vibrations he felt in his soul into the piano.

Curanz Sounds is dedicated to spreading love to the world through sound and music.

If you take hold of this album, your soul will be enveloped in love, and your world will be filled with healing. This is an invitation to a spiritual experience beyond mere music.

Recorded song list & explanation of special songs

01 Sleeping with Angels
02 Timeline of life
03 Vibration to connect with heaven
04 Wrapped in angelic love
05 Healing music that will help you sleep soundly just by listening to it
06 Piano opens a new world just by listening to it
07 Life
08 Strengthen your chakras and strengthen your energy
09 Cycle of transmigration
10 Love
11 Music for space purification
12 Memories of past life
13 Waltz of heaven
14 Music to connect with the wisdom of ancient civilizations
15 Vibrations for strengthening the etheric body
16 Memories of the continent of Atlantis
17 The future is here now
18 Music that brings healing light just by listening to it
19 Whisper of the sun
20 Angel’s Piano Series
21 Into the Beautiful Light

There are some songs with strong characteristics, so I will explain them.

Sleep induction BGM ~ Lullaby to sleep with angels

The first song, Lullaby for Sleeping with Angels, is specially designed to help induce sleep.

Stability of brain waves is essential for inducing sleep, and this can be achieved with the deep overtones of 432hz, but at the same time, what is necessary is fluctuation.

There is a fluctuation called 1/f fluctuation, but in this angel piano series, 1/f fluctuation is not defined by mechanical BPM, but provides a unique fluctuation that only humans can produce.

This fluctuation can only be achieved by a pianist who has pursued improvisational music for many years, and the collaboration of this fluctuation with the sea of 432hz overtones will lull you into a deep sleep.

Strengthen your chakras and strengthen your energy

The eighth song contains vibrations to strengthen your chakras.

Listen with the image of strengthening the chakra in order from the first chakra to the seventh chakra.

The chakras are made up of seven parts, each with its own independent story that can unfold in any way you want.

The seventh and final chakra is the energy that transcends the self and connects with the love of the universe.

There are seven sounds in music and temperament, and each has its own story.

The presence of 12 fifths in the seven scales proves that the possibility of musical movement exists outside of humans through intervals of fifths.
Human beings only come to themselves with music and with the fourth.

Rudolf Steiner

This is because in the age of fifths, the numbers of the planets were in the seven scales, and the numbers of the 12 signs of the zodiac were in the 12 fifths, giving us all kinds of spiritual experiences.
There is a great human secret in the cycle of five degrees.

Rudolf Steiner

Feel the 7 sound planets and strengthen your chakras.

I am conscious of composing music that helps release the seventh chakra and acquire the energy to connect with the love of the universe.

Music for space purification

I would like you to listen to this music with speakers instead of headphones.

The acoustics have been adjusted so that the sound of the 432hz tuned piano resonates clearly in the space.

Both impurity and purity are vibrations, and there is no right or wrong, superiority or inferiority.

It is the human heart that defines good and evil, superiority and inferiority, and the frequency of love and harmony adjusted at 432hz amplifies the power of purity within the human heart.

The method of purifying impurities in space using incense called smashing has been famous since ancient times, but the most common method is to use the words of prayer, that is, vibration.

Please use it together with incense smashing to purify your space.

When I composed this music, my room was filled with the scent of palo santo, a South American incense.

I still remember that I felt a very strong purifying effect.

Music that brings healing light just by listening to it

When all substances in this physical dimension are decomposed, they become elementary particles, and the elementary particles themselves are not dependent on the three-dimensional world.

Energy is directed toward multiple dimensions, and when the frequency of elementary particles is increased to the maximum, it becomes light.

In other words, anyone can create the concept of light, which is the root of this universe.

Brian L., MD. Mr. Weiss says that even in past life therapy, he wants people to imagine using light to shine light on problematic areas of the body.

In fact, I know many people who have had similar experiences, such as this meditation and applying light to the parts of the body that are experiencing physical problems, which have cured knee pain and arm pain.

Visualize your body being filled with light.

And as the music rises, please strengthen that light firmly.

Everything turns into light.

And don’t forget that you yourself are a being of light.

About the piano you are using

The piano I use is Noire by Native Instruments.

This is the sound of Yamaha’s full concert grand piano, which has been popular in Chopin competitions in recent years, and was carefully sampled in a prestigious German studio using dozens of microphones and a high-performance recording system.It is a sampling simulation of a real piano. It will be tuned to 432hz.

I hear that there are many fakes out there that claim to be 432hz but are actually released as 440hz.

Curazn Sounds’ 432hz is a real frequency, so please listen to and compare 432hz and 440hz on this page.

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Avatar kotaro

Author: kotaro

Born in 1986.
Influenced by his father who was a musician, he grew up in a production studio equipped with music equipment from an early age.
He went on to study at a music college, specializing in the history of piano, folk music, and sacred music.
After her graduation, she led her own piano trio and worked as a jazz pianist in Japan.
After disbanding her piano trio, she went to Scandinavian Sweden to study improvisational philosophy.
She produced and released "Sonata for Piano and Double Bass" with improviser Achim Tang in Germany.
After he returned to Japan, he launched his own music label "Geijutsu Koubou Pinocoa (now: Kotaro Studio)" and worked as a music producer.
At the same time, he began researching religious music and healing music based on Steiner's musical philosophy.
He continues to study healing music using various approaches such as psychological, scientific, and mystic, and in searching for sounds that truly heal people, he finds a unique method of turning spiritual inspiration into sound.
In May 2023, he became able to access the vibrations of the spirit world, which had been connected only by his senses as an artist, and developed improvisation with clearer inspiration.
He started Curanz Sounds to express the vibrations he felt from the spirit world with the sounds of the material world.
While researching healing sounds that truly heal people and evoke the memories of the soul, he is currently transmitting the "Angel's Piano Series" and "Atlantis Memories Series".