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First release album of 432hz piano covers.

Studio Ghibli is an animation film production studio that represents Japanese animation.

A lot of beautiful music that more beautifully shapes the philosophical story.

Why not listen at 432hz?

Recorded track list

01 The Legend of Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)

02 Princess Mononoke (Princess Mononoke)

03 Merry Go Round Of Life(Howl’s Moving Castle)

04 Path of The Wind(My Neighbor Totoro)

05 My Neighbour Totoro(My Neighbor Totoro)

06 The Bird Man(Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)

07 The Name Of Life(Spirited Away)

08 The Sixth Station(Spirited Away)

09 Reprise(Spirited Away)

10 Always with me(Spirited Away)

11 A Town With An Ocean View(Kiki’s Delivery Service)

12 On a Clear Day(Kiki’s Delivery Service)

13 If I’ve Been Enveloped in Tenderness(Kiki’s Delivery Service)

14 Departure(Kiki’s Delivery Service)

15 The Bygone Days(Porco Rosso)

16 Sometimes Old Stories(Porco Rosso)

17 Setsuko&Seita(Grave of the Fireflies)

18 Mother Sea(Ponyo)

19 Country Road(Whisper of the Heart)

20 The Girl Who Fell from the Sky(Castle in the Sky)

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Avatar kotaro

Author: kotaro

Born in 1986.
Influenced by his father who was a musician, he grew up in a production studio equipped with music equipment from an early age.
He went on to study at a music college, specializing in the history of piano, folk music, and sacred music.
After her graduation, she led her own piano trio and worked as a jazz pianist in Japan.
After disbanding her piano trio, she went to Scandinavian Sweden to study improvisational philosophy.
She produced and released "Sonata for Piano and Double Bass" with improviser Achim Tang in Germany.
After he returned to Japan, he launched his own music label "Geijutsu Koubou Pinocoa (now: Kotaro Studio)" and worked as a music producer.
At the same time, he began researching religious music and healing music based on Steiner's musical philosophy.
He continues to study healing music using various approaches such as psychological, scientific, and mystic, and in searching for sounds that truly heal people, he finds a unique method of turning spiritual inspiration into sound.
In May 2023, he became able to access the vibrations of the spirit world, which had been connected only by his senses as an artist, and developed improvisation with clearer inspiration.
He started Curanz Sounds to express the vibrations he felt from the spirit world with the sounds of the material world.
While researching healing sounds that truly heal people and evoke the memories of the soul, he is currently transmitting the "Angel's Piano Series" and "Atlantis Memories Series".

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