My name is Kotaro Asahina(朝比奈 幸太郎).

Born in Japan in 1986.

Since the age of 13, he has been active as a professional pianist, mainly performing background music, and entered a music university in Japan.

After graduating from university, he worked as a jazz pianist in Japan.
She formed her own piano trio and toured the country.
She then went on to perform in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany.
Her first music album “New Continent” was produced in Germany and will be released simultaneously in Germany and Japan.

After working as a producer in Japan for a while, I discovered 432hz sound.
This frequency certainly invites people into a world of love and healing.
Realizing this, I woke up in 2024 and realized that I was a Sirius alien.

Now that I am awake, I receive inspiration from the heavens and create music.
We create various wisdoms that come from the heavenly world according to modern music theory.
In the near future, the values of music and sound will change significantly on Earth.
In the future Earth, sound will cure diseases, and sound will change your present, your future, and of course your past.
Sound is the key to freely creating the universe that each of you observes.

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