Are you carefully choosing the sounds you hear in your daily life?

Sound is very important in our life

Even though they are very important, we can’t choose the sounds we usually hear

440hz, which Steiner, an anthroposophist and theosophist, boasts that it will change the world to be ruled by the devil

These days, it’s taken for granted in any kind of music.

In addition, the sound of man-made objects such as construction sounds and car engine sounds

Even though you don’t want the devil’s frequency and unpleasant noise, you’ve taken it into your brain.

Those unpleasant sounds that seemingly go unnoticed

It does a lot of damage to our subconscious mind.

Choose wisely the sounds you capture into your subconscious mind

Curanz Sounds’ healing works are real healing sounds that sound and music professionals have studied for many years.

First of all, why not change the 440hz music that lurks in your daily life to the 432hz sound of love and harmony?

Get real healing now

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