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What is 432hz?

Today I will explain in a very easy-to-understand way the frequencies of love and harmony that resonate with this earth.

How to tune music

Simply put, 432hz is the standard tone for music tuning methods.

Tuning and temperament are important elements for composing music.

Nowadays, music all over the world is tuned to 440hz.
But this 440hz.
This is a frequency that is different from the earth’s vibration frequency of approximately 8Hz, and you cannot resonate with yourself, the earth, and the universe.

In addition, theosophist Rudolf Steiner refers to 440hz as “the frequency at which the devil controls the world.”

There are various types of mysterious power caused by sound.

It also interacts with the power of prayer (the sound of words).

Don’t underestimate the sound.

In the olden days, musica was a study about the fundamental principles of the universe.

An intelligent life form called Bashar, who came from the planet Ehsasani, said this in response to a Japanese interview.

In medieval Europe, musica'' was actually studied as the fundamental principle of the universe (the law that governs everything), so music was the basis of all academic studies. Musica Mundana” is a study that explores the laws that move planets and the earth.
Musica Humana'' is a study that explores the laws that move human psychology and the body. Musica Instrumentalis” is a practical study using tools and musical instruments.Musica, a magical study using sound and vibration,'' changes people's minds and health, as well as the rules of success and social order. Musical instruments were developed as tools to easily emit the vibrations of musica. Therefore, musical instruments at that time weretools for realizing magic.”
There was also a huge piano-like tool that was pulled from a 3m long iron wire.
The church was also lined with huge iron pipes, placed in proportions of natural numbers.
The first magic tool created by Pythagoras only had a third harmonic component,'' but in the Middle Ages, instruments that added afifth harmonic component” to produce “just intonation” appeared.
It is said that the vibrations of the “harmonious sound” (1:3:5) resounding in the cathedral can even heal illnesses.
However, in the second half of the 19th century, music changed.
Once the equal temperament calculation method was established, a dissonant chord with shifted third and fifth overtones was adopted.


He goes on to say the following.

Music was magic in the beginning.
When “Harmonia” was fully activated…
Afterwards, Pythagoras founded a religious order that was strictly secretive, punishing anyone who spoke of this law to others with the death penalty, and not allowing the law to be written down on paper.
He probably felt that it would be bad if bad people took advantage of his laws''. In this way, the "secrets of the universe", which do not remain as "documents", were passed down by time seekers even after the cult was destroyed, and were passed down by Plato (-427), Aristotle (-384), Alexander the Great ( -356). And it doesn't stop there. Kepler (1571), the astrophysicist, Newton (1642), the author of universal gravitation, and Max Planck (1858), the father of quantum mechanics. All of them are seekers of thismusica”.


Our souls are supposed to know about this frequency of love and harmony.

This international standard project was suddenly decided upon in England in 1937, and gradually spread throughout the world.

Just like when we lost just intonation, musicians all over the world worked hard to preserve 432hz, but in some regions it was even regulated by law, and musical instrument manufacturers around the world changed their tune to 440hz. Nowadays, we can hardly choose 432hz.

demonic forces are growing stronger

It has been nearly 90 years since 440hz was adopted.

How about looking around the world now?

The desire to make the world peaceful, the forces of light are weakening, and the forces controlled by the media are pushing the world towards war and destruction.

Is the evil that we imagine through media manipulation really evil?

Don’t you feel that there is a movement to shut down people who truly desire world peace from the bottom of their hearts?

The light that Curanz Sounds brings to you

At Curanz Sounds, we are researching healing sound with the desire to spread the word and have as many people as possible experience 432hz, which is confined around the world.

Please try experiencing the frequency of love and harmony at 432hz.

At Cunraz Sounds, we conduct daily research to uncover the wisdom of sound and the mysteries of music that existed in the eras of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis.