sounds of nature.

It is natural healing music.

And there are studies that show that even if it is digital, it has the same effect as actually feeling the natural world.

If you continue to live surrounded by concrete, your mind and body will become exhausted.

And the noise of construction work, the sound of cars, and the noise that lurks in everyday life that we don’t want to hear come into our ears regardless of whether we want it or not.

Without knowing it, it affects brain waves and pollutes our subconscious mind.

Feel the healing effects of Curanz Sounds’ 432hz series, healing sounds, and sounds of nature recorded by Curanz Sounds.

Refresh your brain’s subconscious mind, which is polluted by everyday noises.

Amanohashidate wave sound

Rain and thunder

Recorder:ZOOM F3
Microphone 1:EM158 Pair
Microphone 2:AKG C5 + SONY SONY PBR-400

Rock sea in Kui, Hiroshima Prefecture

Recorder:ZOOM F4
Microphone 1:NEUMANN KM184 Pair

Waves from Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture to Iwakojima Island

Recorder:ZOOM F4
Microphone 1:NEUMANN KM184 Pair