432hz An angelic piano album that brings good luck into your life just by listening to it.

Produced at the frequency of love and harmony 432hz, this album will fill your soul with love and peace and transport you to a new dimension. The “Angel’s Piano Series” is composed of a number of beautiful songs written by healing artist Kotaro Hattori on the piano, expressing the energy and vibrations he felt in his soul. Curanz Sounds spreads love to the world through sound and music. Pick up this album and your soul will be filled with love and your world will be filled with healing. This is an invitation to a spiritual experience that goes beyond just music.

432hz classical piano music that makes you sleep soundly just by listening

Those who have trouble sleeping.
Those who are currently using sleeping pills.
Those who are full of anxiety and worries.
The cause may be because I am listening to 440hz, which is said to be the devil’s frequency that is circulating in the world now.
432hz music will not generally flow unless you go to receive it yourself.
Why don’t you change the 440hz demonic frequency that flows in your daily life to the 432hz of love and harmony?

432hz Studio Ghibli masterpiece selection

First release album of 432hz piano covers.

Studio Ghibli is an animation film production studio that represents Japanese animation.

A lot of beautiful music that more beautifully shapes the philosophical story.

Why not listen at 432hz?

432hz Piano World Masterpiece Theater Series

The second in the 432hz piano cover series is the cover of the World Masterpiece Theater.

Only impressive masterpieces that do not fade over time.