432hz Piano Cover

432hz that leads mankind to the world of love and harmony.
Get real healing now with the highest quality piano sound source.

Experience the masterpiece of Studio Ghibli, the best anime that Japan is proud of, with a piano solo.

Angel’s Piano Series 432hz

A collection of angelic piano pieces performed by healing artists inspired by the heavenly world.
Surrounded by the love of an angel, you will journey to the world of ultimate healing.
Just by listening to this music, vibrations of happiness will reach your consciousness, and if you listen to this album, your world will shift to a parallel world of happiness, and you will observe the highest level of happiness.

Powerful sleep adjustment 432hz piano

This selection of classical music masterpieces is BGM for sleep that was specially adjusted by a sound engineer.
The effect of the 432hz frequency has been adjusted to be felt longer and more effectively.
From the perspective of the history of the universe, the power of sound is something we would like you to try before relying on undeveloped scientific medicine.
Please use it while sleeping.