This page outlines the policy regarding the protection and appropriate handling of personal information on our site, “Curanz Sounds.”

Advertisements and Personal Information Collection on Our Site

Please be assured that our site does not use “Cookies” for any purpose, including access analysis. Therefore, you can use our site with confidence as it is not connected to Google in any way, and we do not collect personal information or any other data through search engines or any other means.


The copyrights and portrait rights of the images published on our site belong to their respective owners. Our intention is not to infringe upon these rights. If there are any issues with the content or images posted on our site, please contact the rights owners directly via email at japan AT (replace “AT” with the symbol). Upon verification of the claim, we will take appropriate action.

We are not responsible for any information or services provided by sites linked from our site. While we strive to post accurate information on our site, it is possible that some information may be incorrect or become outdated. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the content posted on our site.


To prevent any troubles, comments on all articles have been disabled.

Copyright on Our Site

The copyright for the contents and information on “Curanz Sounds” has not been waived. You are allowed to quote our content for free as long as the source is clearly cited. However, full reproduction of the text is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to change the terms regarding quotations without prior notice. Also, using our site’s RSS feed to plagiarize content is strictly forbidden.

Privacy Policy Changes

Our site complies with Japanese laws applicable to personal information and reviews and improves this policy as necessary. Any updates to our privacy policy will be immediately disclosed and updated on this page.

Media (Image Sources)

  • Wikipedia (mainly with citations noted)
  • Adobe Stock
  • Produced by our site

Regarding Products and Services Featured

Our site is not a music distribution service provider but a brand engaged in music production. Please refer to the terms and conditions of various platforms for music distribution.

About Links

Our site is open to linking. However, direct linking to images, the use of inline frames, and data collection through scraping are strictly prohibited.

Establishment & Revision Dates

Established: April 3, 2023

Last Revised: March 2, 2024

Contact Information

Operator: Kotaro Asahina / 朝比奈 幸太郎

Contact: japan AT (replace “AT” with the symbol).