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Jesus Christ is arguably the most famous philosopher to have ever lived on this planet.

Before him, the likes of Socrates and Plato spoke of the concept of heaven, and it’s said that Plato had access to records about Atlantis.

So why did Jesus Christ become so famous worldwide?

It’s because he actually performed countless miracles that are inconceivable in this physical dimension.

First, what kinds of miracles did he perform?

Here are 5 episodes I’ve picked out. We’ll go through them in order.

The first half lightly shares just the episodes themselves. From the second half, we’ll examine these miracles from a quantum physics perspective and unravel them while intersecting philosophical elements.

Turning Water into Wine

The first miracle Jesus performed after beginning his public life took place at a wedding in Cana, Galilee.

When the wedding ran out of wine, Jesus instructed that six stone water jars be filled with water. When the steward drew out some of the water, it had miraculously turned into fine wine.

Through this astounding event, Jesus’ disciples witnessed his supernatural power firsthand, awakening their faith.

Calming a Storm

As Jesus and his disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee by boat, a sudden violent storm came upon them.

While the disciples panicked, Jesus simply said “Peace, be still!” and the storm immediately calmed.

This miracle demonstrated Jesus’ divine power to command even the natural world.

Feeding 5000 People

When a crowd of over 5000 people came to see Jesus, they were hungry.

Jesus took the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish a boy had, gave thanks, and distributed them. Miraculously, the food continued multiplying until everyone was fully satisfied.

This event left a strong impression of Jesus’ supernatural abilities on the crowds.

Healing a Paralyzed Man

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, a man paralyzed from birth was freed from 38 years of suffering.

At Jesus’ command, the man was completely healed and able to walk and praise God.

This miracle displayed Jesus’ astonishing healing power.

There are also many episodes of Jesus curing illness, some examples:

  • Healing a man with leprosy – With a touch and words from Jesus, the man’s leprosy immediately left him. Though leprosy was thought incurable, Jesus’ divine power instantly cured it.
  • Remote healing of a centurion’s servant – From Capernaum, Jesus remotely healed a fever of a servant about 20km away, through the centurion’s strong faith in Jesus’ words. His supernatural power transcended distance.
  • Healing a hemorrhaging woman – After hemorrhaging ceaselessly for 12 years and being abandoned by doctors, a woman was completely cured just by touching Jesus’ garment, through her robust faith. Jesus emphasized the importance of faith.
  • Giving sight to a man blind from birth – Jesus healed a man blind from birth by applying mud to his eyes and telling him to wash in the Pool of Siloam, miraculously curing his blindness.

Raising Lazarus from the Dead

Jesus’ dear friend Lazarus had died of illness and had been buried in a tomb for 4 days.

When Jesus called out “Lazarus, come forth!” in front of the tomb, Lazarus was resurrected from death and emerged.

Through this greatest of miracles, many came to know Jesus’ power stemmed from God.

Interpretation and Perspective

Can we really say that science and technology in the 21st century have developed as far as they possibly can?

There is still so much about this world we don’t understand.

Just looking at Western medicine, thanks to the propaganda of scientism, there is an illusion that the progress of human medical science has reached its peak. But in reality, countless examples from around the world show that a mother’s hug or a family’s love can have greater healing power than potent chemicals.

From scientific and not-yet-scientific (laws of this physical dimension still unknown to humankind) perspectives, there is debate about the existence of Jesus’ miracles.

From a physics standpoint, turning water into wine or preparing meals for 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread appears impossible.

However, through developments in quantum mechanics, it has become clear that matter is a probabilistic existence described by wave functions.

In other words, the properties and states of matter are not fixed deterministically, but can rather be grasped as bundles of possibilities.

From this viewpoint, Jesus’ miracles can be interpreted not as sudden changes in physical laws, but as one latent possibility becoming manifest.

For example, water molecules have an extremely slight, but possible chance of taking on the molecular structure of wine. It can be conceived that this possibility was selected through Jesus’ will and supernatural power.

Also, preparing meals for 5000 people from only 5 loaves is not theoretically impossible according to quantum mechanics. Manipulating the quantum states of the food could theoretically allow obtaining the required amount of meals. (This is highly speculative given the current unscientific territory)

In other words, causal determinism does not hold true in the quantum world, and the observer’s state of consciousness can affect matter.

This aligns precisely with biblical accounts that Jesus’ miracles were brought about through faith.

Of course these are merely hypotheses. With current science, verifying Jesus’ miracles remains difficult for us. However, the new worldview presented by quantum mechanics makes clear we cannot deny miracles.

Miracles may be moments when one of the many potentialities of the world is selected as the observation target.

Jesus’ miracles were events utterly inexplainable by the scientific common sense of his time. But perhaps we can find profound truths of nature in them, rather than seeing violations of physical laws.

I hope future scientific developments will provide clues to uncover the truth behind Jesus’ miracles. At the same time, we mustn’t forget the importance of understanding the marvelous nature of miracles within the context of faith. Science and faith are not contradictory, but complementary.

What is Faith?

The disciples often received harsh rebukes from Jesus about their “lack of faith” when they couldn’t heal illnesses that Jesus then cured.

When the disciples couldn’t heal a child’s sickness and brought him to Jesus, Jesus rebuked them saying “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain ‘move from here to there’ and it will move.”

The mustard seed is extremely tiny. Jesus was saying that even just that much faith could work miracles.

When a woman begged Jesus to cure her illness, he asked “Do you believe I have the power to make you well?”

The biblical passage says “your faith has made you well.”

This seems reminiscent of Plato’s theory of ideals – that the world people believe in their minds is reflected onto the physical dimension. But imagining the Matrix world, it naturally makes sense.

When you think about changing the material before your eyes, electrical signals flow through synapses and vibrations occur.

Vibrations mean that according to string theory, a universe is born there.

So each time you have a thought, universes are born one after another.

It seems overly physicalistic to think this grand story of life called the universe can be so easily born repeatedly…

String theory differs from conventional physics which saw elementary particles as 0-dimensional point particles, and instead represents them as 1-dimensional strings.

In other words, conventional 0-dimensional point particle theory cannot define time itself.

Are you observing time now?

The fact we are observing time now (if you are observing it) provisionally affirms string theory.

Conventional physics considered elementary particles like electrons and quarks to be zero-size points.

However, the point particle model couldn’t quantify gravity.

So string theory represented these particles not as points but as 1-dimensional vibrating strings with size.

The properties of electrons, quarks etc. can be reproduced through string vibration patterns.

Also, strings naturally incorporate gravity, so string theory is expected to achieve quantizing gravity.

In other words, unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity.

The number of dimensions in string theory is considered to be 10 or 11, with the 4 dimensions of space-time we live in being only a subset. The extra dimensions are thought to be compactified.

Thoughts and feelings can move beyond time and space… From a 3-dimensional perspective humans have no constraints on thoughts and feelings. So it’s natural to think the 11 dimensions are generated there when you have a thought or feeling and observe it.

Then, doesn’t it seem extremely simple to eliminate a cancer cell in front of you?

At Krantz Sounds we research sound resonance therapies that change cells by applying vibrations, but these approaches seem far too physical compared to the power of faith.

Rather than observing miracles from a physical perspective, I think choosing an 11-dimensional approach – in other words from thought – and observing from there is more rational and efficient.


These 5 miracles Jesus performed were events demonstrating his divine nature and supernatural power.

The people of the time deepened their faith through these miracles.

2000 years later, Jesus’ miracles continue to amaze people.

Whether to believe or not believe is up to each individual!

I know that each one of us is a universe that can imagine vibrational patterns, and can create the future of our individual universes.

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