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Have you ever wondered?

In a place called heaven, happiness overflows every day, and there is no sign of the suffering we experience in this world.

Methods to Resolve Your Worries (Article on the website)

Birth, aging, illness, and death, these are things that happen to everyone.

In the philosophy of Buddha, the act of being born itself is considered one of the fundamental human sufferings.

There are four specific sufferings defined:

  1. “Suffering of Separation from Loved Ones” – The pain of parting from those we love.
  2. “Suffering of Meeting Hated Ones” – The pain of encountering those we dislike or hold grudges against.
  3. “Suffering of Not Obtaining What Is Desired” – The pain of not getting what we desire.
  4. “Suffering of the Five Aggregates” – The pain of not being in control of our minds and bodies.

In a place known as heaven, it is said that there is no need to experience such suffering.

So why would anyone want to come to this world?

The Future of Humanity in 300 Years

Let’s imagine what humanity might look like 300 years from now.

With the advancement of neuroscience, it’s likely that humanity will have completely transitioned to a virtual world.

The world we see before us will be a creation of our brains—a mere illusion. If even our senses of touch, sight, and hearing are illusions, then, for example, there would be no need for physical travel to Mars.

Explaining the Concept of Multiverse

From this perspective, doesn’t the concept of the multiverse become much clearer?

When we hear about a “multiverse,” it can seem confusing, but if we think of the virtual spaces created in people’s minds as individualized multiverses, it becomes easier to understand.

You can also view it from the perspective of ascending dimensions, but even without a physical dimension shift, you can prove the existence of heaven beyond this three-dimensional science.

The Definition of Happiness

Is the definition of happiness different for each person?

No, if we limit it to this physical dimension, when we satisfy the desires and afflictions that humans possess, such as serotonin and oxytocin flooding the brain, people can become happy.

In a virtual world, everything can be fulfilled.

Total Recall

Services like those in the movie “Total Recall” will undoubtedly be available in 300 years.

Will it really take 300 years?

In other words, each person will have their own multiverse, tailored to their imaginations, preferences, and desires. This means that every day, you’ll have your desires satisfied, and your happiness hormones will be overflowing, leading to an infinite sense of well-being.

Create a World of Endless Joy

This is what is commonly referred to as heaven.

From Heaven to This World

A world of endless joy.

Isn’t it boring?

Is it interesting?

Is it fun?

For the author, it’s not interesting at all.

It’s not fun.

They want a limited time.

They want to explore happiness within constraints.

When you think about what happiness is, it only gains meaning when there’s a contrast.

In other words, it’s the existence of suffering, such as the four sufferings, that allows your soul to define happiness.

In that sense, isn’t the concept of reincarnation turning us into adventurers in this world?

Coming back to this world through reincarnation means that you were already a being immersed in infinite happiness.

So why not enjoy the full extent of the four sufferings in this world?

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Born in 1986.
Influenced by his father who was a musician, he grew up in a production studio equipped with music equipment from an early age.
He went on to study at a music college, specializing in the history of piano, folk music, and sacred music.
After her graduation, she led her own piano trio and worked as a jazz pianist in Japan.
After disbanding her piano trio, she went to Scandinavian Sweden to study improvisational philosophy.
She produced and released "Sonata for Piano and Double Bass" with improviser Achim Tang in Germany.
After he returned to Japan, he launched his own music label "Geijutsu Koubou Pinocoa (now: Kotaro Studio)" and worked as a music producer.
At the same time, he began researching religious music and healing music based on Steiner's musical philosophy.
He continues to study healing music using various approaches such as psychological, scientific, and mystic, and in searching for sounds that truly heal people, he finds a unique method of turning spiritual inspiration into sound.
In May 2023, he became able to access the vibrations of the spirit world, which had been connected only by his senses as an artist, and developed improvisation with clearer inspiration.
He started Curanz Sounds to express the vibrations he felt from the spirit world with the sounds of the material world.
While researching healing sounds that truly heal people and evoke the memories of the soul, he is currently transmitting the "Angel's Piano Series" and "Atlantis Memories Series".