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For instance, in ancient Greece, love was classified as follows:

Even in the teachings of Jesus in Christianity, which remains a worldwide religion, Agape, unconditional love, is emphasized.

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” sending love to others does not come with conditions.

The cycle stops the moment you seek something in return.

Love will always circulate and return to you.

This is why Jesus used the phrase “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Loving your neighbor is the same as loving yourself.

When you love yourself, do you seek something in return?

Giving unconditional love and gratitude without conditions.

Many of us humans use money as a tool.

When we hear the words “unconditional” or “conditional,” we often think of money.

Money is, in fact, the physical dimension’s manifestation and transformation of the concept of gratitude.

You receive money as thanks for loving someone.

However, if we focus only on the soul of humanity, we shouldn’t need to convert love and gratitude into money in the first place.

Love and gratitude can be given without conditions.

And they can be given infinitely.

And they circulate back to you even more than what you gave, and as long as you don’t stop, they keep circulating.

Nevertheless, why do we try to give love in exchange (seeking something in return), and behave as if love is finite (being hesitant to give)?

How to be Loved by the One You Love

In romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, and marital relationships.

Even though I’ve done so much…

Even though I’ve done so much for them…

Even though I love them so much…

Why don’t they understand my feelings…

Why don’t they see me…

That doubt is seeking something in return.

When you seek something in return, you’re giving conditional (seeking something in return) love to the other person.

In the case of conditional love, the other person can’t receive that love unconditionally.

In other words, the cycle of love stops with you the moment you loved seeking something in return.

By continuously giving unconditional love, you can surely drift in the cycle of love.

When your partner doesn’t contact you and comes home late, “worrying about cheating is infatuation,” and “worrying about their safety is love,” so it’s said. Source: In fact, men tell lies like “I like you,” and women tell lies like “I dislike you.”

Why is the Sun Loved?

Throughout human history, from Japan, the land of the rising sun, to all around the world, there have been many nations and people who have loved the sun.

Why do people adore the sun, cherish it, and treat it as a god?

This is exactly the cycle of Agape, God’s love, giving love, and unconditional love.

The sun warmly embraces us, shining brightly upon us.

It gives life to the Earth, and life thrives, providing us with abundant energy.

However, the sun has never asked for anything in return from us.

The sun simply continues to provide us with light, warmth, and life.

Therefore, we have loved and revered the sun, treating it as a god.

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